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Mercy Association will support poor families who live in absolute poverty and crisis.  We will target women and men who do not have sufficient income to feed their children and provide assistance for their education and health. We will also target poor orphanages where children lost one or both of their parents.


You may wish to sponsor someone whether they are children, adults or a family living in conditions needing your help to assume their full potential. We support people who quite often are homeless, widows who do not have a supporter, children whose parents do not earn enough to cover their basic needs of food, shelter and education.



Here are some ideas for your sponsorship:

  • Providing some meals and for the homeless on regular basis would cost around $20 per person per day.
  • Providing assistance to young carer and the disabled persons.
  • Providing a donation for income generating activity  - You may wish to enable someone to:
  • start or revive their business,
  • learn sowing and get a sewing machine,
  • get a pregnant cow,
  • get a small herd of sheep, goats, chicken, turkeys or ducks,
  • rent a parcel of land to produce some vegetables,
  • get tools and equipment for hairdressing, or
  • get trained and obtain a cell phone repair kit.

 The cost for any of the above ides ranges from $100 to $2,500.

  • Providing a donation for enabling a family to get electricity or water and toilet for their house.  An average cost of a latrine is $270 and for clean water tap is $214.
  • Giving the gift of reading to someone who missed their schools and became illiterate.  This activity normally cost around $160.
  • Providing financial assistance for a family whose one or both of their parents have chronic disease such as cancer, hepatitis B or C, liver failure, kidney/ failure or heart failure.  On average, a family of four people would need $100-150 per month.